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It seems there's water everywhere in Cape Coral, but it's not always there when you need it most. When plumbing problems leave you high and dry, just call Lee County Plumbing to the rescue! As a family-owned business, we aren't driven by simply maximizing profits. Our greatest goal is to serve our community and improve the lives of our fellow Floridians.

To be of service to our clients, we offer convenient plumbing maintenance programs, salt delivery services, and more. From simple service visits to large-scale commercial installation projects, we're committed to exceeding your highest expectations.

Your Local Plumbing Service Specialists

When it comes to servicing your plumbing system, there's no substitute for hard-earned expertise. From homes and apartment complexes to offices and restaurants, we have specialized services and solutions for any situation. Our well-trained plumbers will install new systems, repair existing units, and service fixtures, water heaters, appliances, and more.

We also offer leak detection and repair, drain cleaning, plumber inspections, backflow prevention, and other services. We can even repipe your entire property, boosting its value and ensuring dependable plumbing for decades to come.

A Square Deal on Cape Coral

At Lee County Plumbing, we never put profits before the satisfaction of our clients. That means no hidden fees, no aggressive sales pitches, and no recommending unnecessary services or equipment. When you need water services, you can trust us to help you find the right solution at the right price. That includes 24/7 emergency water treatment services, and more. Our work is backed by a one-year warranty, so you can be confident your water supply is in good hands.

Committed to the Cape Coral Community

As a family-owned business, we believe supporting people in need is the most important thing we do. We offer support through long-term maintenance and prevention services, but we're also invested in the community in other ways. In Cape Coral, we're proud supporters of the New Beginnings Foundation. This crucial program helps serve teen mothers, assisting with education, employment, housing, medical care, and other essential needs. We're also actively involved in supporting and working with other local businesses through the Chamber of Commerce.

When you call Lee County Plumbing at 239-363-6522 , you're getting more than just skilled plumbers and quality equipment. You're also getting a contractor with a passion for providing a higher level of service!

Trusted Quality & Service