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Backflow is among the most serious issues a plumbing system can experience, yet most people know little about it. Lee County Plumbing & Well Service has the expertise and equipment to ensure your property is protected from this critical threat in Fort Myers, North Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, FL, and the surrounding areas.

Backflow Leak

Your Complete Guide to Backflow Prevention

In a typical plumbing system, water is designed to flow only one way. Clean water normally enters the system and flows through fixtures and other connected appliances. The resulting wastewater is then collected and removed through a separate part of the system. In certain situations, however, this flow of water can become reversed.

This condition, known as backflow, usually happens when there’s a pressure imbalance within your plumbing system. It causes wastewater to flow back into your system, potentially exposing you to dangerous bacteria and other contaminants. To prevent this from happening, many plumbing systems are equipped with a backflow prevention device. Once installed, backflow preventers employ check valves to safely stop water from flowing in the wrong direction.

Are You at Risk of Backflow?

The idea of being exposed to contaminated water is certainly unsettling. Fortunately, not every property is at risk of experiencing a backflow event. Many residential plumbing systems keep their water supply and wastewater systems entirely separate, eliminating the possibility of cross-contamination. However, a backflow preventer may still be necessary for homes with large boilers, lawn sprinklers, or fire suppression systems.

For commercial properties, backflow prevention devices are generally required by law. Commercial plumbing systems are at greater risk for a variety of reasons. With larger plumbing systems, greater demand, more volatile usage patterns, and pressure fluctuations are more common and more extreme. Backflow prevention is particularly critical for multi-family dwellings, restaurants, and other properties that utilize high volumes of water.

Cost-Effective Backflow Prevention Solutions

With Lee County Plumbing & Well Service, backflow prevention has never been simpler. We carry and install proven backflow prevention devices to help protect any residential or commercial property. We can also evaluate your plumbing system to determine whether a backflow preventer is necessary. Additionally, we’re certified to conduct backflow prevention tests as required by law.

As always, our goal is to help you find the most cost-effective solutions to your plumbing problems. We offer flat-rate pricing, 24/7 emergency response services, and a total satisfaction guarantee. To further reduce the risk of backflow, we also perform pipe cleaning and inspection services. We can even install and service hot water recirculation check valves and backflow preventers for outdoor hose faucets.

Considering the danger that contaminated water can pose, backflow prevention is something you simply can’t afford to ignore. At Lee County Plumbing & Well Service, we’ll help you save on backflow prevention services you can trust.

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