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Backflow: 4 Ways Your Dual Check Valve Makes the Perfect Defender

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Lee County Services Employee Assembling a Dual Check Valve

When you install a Dual Check Valve on your main water line, you’re taking proactive steps to help keep the water supply safe for you and your community. Its a simple, cost-effective method to prevent backflow.

A Dual Check Valve is a type of backflow preventer that keeps contaminated water from being drawn back into your clean water supply. Similar to a lock on your door, water can leave but can’t re-enter.

What is backflow?

Backflow occurs when water gets reversed inside pipes due to pressure changes. This can happen when there is a leak in the main water line, a sudden outage or increased water demand (ie: a fire emergency). Bacteria, pesticides and other contaminants from outside sources see this as an opportunity to access your drinking water.

A Dual Check Valve protects the drinking water for your family as much as it does for your community. Considering it is a topic of public safety, numerous local plumbing codes currently mandate the installation of backflow preventers.

Top 4 reasons to install a Dual Check Valve

  • Protect your drinking water

Backflow can occur when there’s a sudden drop in water pressure (ie: pipe leak) or when something disrupts the flow of clean water (ie: sudden outage or fire emergency). If water gets drawn back, there’s a high risk of bringing contaminated water into your system.

  • Protect your community's drinking water

Backflow can affect the potable water supply for more than just your household. A Dual Check Valve will help prevent contamination of public drinking water by ensuring excess water or chemicals are not able to flow back into the system.

  • Prevent damage to your assets

Water damage to your assets can be costly, and you might have to replace some items out of pocket. And if your water supply becomes contaminated, you’ll have no choice but to repair or replace your pipes.

  • Comply with local laws

To protect public health and safety, many local plumbing codes now require home and business owners to install backflow preventers. Some cities, such as Babcock Ranch, FL include mandatory testing and replacements in their regulations. 

Not following these laws could result in fines, or even cause your home’s water supply to be shut off until the issue is resolved. We suggest checking with local authorities to learn about municipal water regulations in your area.


We assemble the newest Dual Check Valve models in-house. You can be 100% certain any device we install in your home will be built and inspected by locally trusted plumbing experts. 


Dual Check Valve regulations for Babcock Ranch 

Do you reside in Babcock Ranch, FL and own a home that’s more than 5 years old? If you haven’t replaced your old Dual Check Valve with a newer model yet, that time could be right around the corner.

Lee County Services is offering replacements for only $140. When 5 neighbors (including you) book replacements on the same day, you’ll all enjoy an extra $15 off. Call now to get scheduled!

The CCCP (Clean and Clear Community Program) guidelines for Babcock Ranch require residents to install a Dual Check Valve to help prevent contamination to the potable water supply. Under these guidelines, it must also be replaced every 5 years. 

While complying with CCCP regulations contributes toward the overall safety and well-being of your community, it also upholds Babcock Ranch’s high-quality standards as a whole.

If everyone stays proactive and adheres to local laws, it becomes easier for homeowners and businesses to work together toward creating a sustainable, healthy environment for future generations.

Lee County Services vehicle on its way to installing a Dual Check Valve in Babcock Ranch

Is your home more than 5 years old?

Homes built before 2018 may have an older style dual shut-off valve, which does not provide adequate protection against backflow.  

The old dual shut-off valve was commonly used in homes because it was inexpensive and readily available. As our understanding of backflow and its risks have increased, newer regulations have been put in place to require using the design of the modern Dual Check Valve.

Although this was the standard in the past, the new Dual Check Valve offers numerous advantages that make it the superior choice. Its advanced design, improved water flow and compliance with industry standards make it a reliable and effective solution for protecting your clean water supply. 

If you have this older model, here are 4 ways you need to replace it with a Dual Check Valve to ensure the safety of water supply for you and your community.

1.) Added protection

It consists of two spring-loaded check valves designed to close automatically when there’s a sudden drop in water pressure (or backflow). The old dual shut-off valve had one, so the second valve adds a layer of protection in case the first were to fail.

2.) Built-in air gap

The built-in air gap allows for improved water flow and reduces the risk of cross-contamination. This design also makes it easier to maintain and service compared to the old dual shut-off valve.

3.) Industrial standards

Its design meets strict industry standards and regulations, ensuring its reliability and effectiveness in preventing backflow. Not following these laws could result in fines, or even cause your home’s water supply to be shut off until the issue is resolved. 

Yes, you should consider a Dual Check Valve for your business.

Residences and businesses share a responsibility to contribute toward the safety and cleanliness of their communities. Businesses often have more restrictions depending on their industry and whether their services have any connection to public health.

In many cities, it is mandatory for all businesses to have some type of backflow preventer. Even when it’s not required by local authorities, business owners should consider installing a Dual Check Valve to protect their property in case of a water main break. While there are different types of Duel Check Valves for residential and commercial applications, they all serve the same purpose.

If water is integral to your business (ie: restaurant or laundromat), this device will protect your customers’ health and safety as well as your reputation. On the other hand, a contaminated water supply could result in legal and financial consequences.

Let’s get real.

Water damage can occur at any time, and without warning. Whether it’s a pipe, appliance or natural disaster, water can wreak havoc on your home or business. However, you’ll always want to consider the potential health hazards associated with standing water.

Homes built before 2018 may have an older style dual shut-off valve, which does not provide adequate protection against backflow. They can also lose their effectiveness after a few years.

Debris and minerals will build up over time, preventing the valve from fully closing and leaving your home vulnerable to water damage. Testing can be done by a licensed plumber, or you can purchase a testing kit and do it yourself.

To know your Dual Check Valve will work if/when the time comes, we recommend two things:

  1. Test your Dual Check Valve at least once every year.
  2. Replace your Dual Check Valve every 5 years.

Lee County Services understands the need for water safety and maintenance, and our advanced plumbing technicians are dedicated to providing top-quality services at affordable prices. 

We offer installation, replacement and testing services to help keep your community flowing smoothly. If you’re in Southwest Florida, call 239-522-8829 to get scheduled!

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