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Clean Those Drains: 4 Ways Clean Sewer Lines Make You Richer and Less Stressed

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Running water is one of the greatest inventions of humankind – and we’re not saying that because we’re the top full-service plumbers here in Fort Myers. Keeping the water flowing in Southwest Florida is what we do for a living.

Just think about it: You get to live in a home and work in an office where the plumbing system – connecting every kitchen sink, bathroom toilet, shower, tub, dishwasher and washing machine in the entire building – carries away all your unwanted waste and used water, day after night after day. It’s a modern miracle we take for granted – though we really shouldn’t.

As miraculous as that plumbing system is, all those pipes, valves, drains, and pumps – like any technology – can and will deteriorate if not regularly maintained and monitored for upgrades and repairs.

To keep the plumbing running smoothly in your home- whether it’s on the lake in Immokalee or on the bay in Port Charlotte-one of the best, most cost-effective, easiest ways to help yourself as a homeowner, property manager or landlord is to get yourself some clean sewer lines, at minimum once per year.

Here’s why:

Avoid slow draining, clogs, bursts and leakages; prevent buildup of corrosive materials.

Clean sewer lines don’t stay clean. Many substances go down your drain and pretty much stay there. Soap, food particles, hair care lotions, grease, sediment, even organics like skin, hair and fur can accumulate in your home’s drains and pipes, causing restricted water flow through the drain. Eventually the pipe could seal, leading to a clog…which leads to water pooling up…which leads to pipe erosion and broken pipes. A thorough professional cleaning greatly reduces the likelihood of such damage.

Avoid damage to drains and connective valves; prevent buildup of sand.

In our corner of Florida, salty air and sandy surfaces are a reality of life. We enjoy hundreds of miles of coastline and sometimes sand (despite our best efforts) gets into our homes and our plumbing systems. If you reside near a beach in Sanibel, Pine or Naples, you have billions of tiny reasons to clean sewer lines and drains.

Avoid hard water; ensure the water you drink, bathe in and cook with is as clean as possible.

Consider the route your water takes to reach your faucet, spigot or tap. Whether your supply is municipal or well, the pipes, valves and drains in your home are the last system with which your water comes into contact. With drain cleaning and water softening (reverse-osmosis purification treatments), we’ll help you keep everything clean.

Be mindful of what goes down the drain – not everything “disposable” really is!

Ever throw a sanitary wipe or hygiene product down the toilet? It may swirl away but it’s hardly gone. Those often collect in the hooks and elbows of your plumbing pipes, leading to potential water leaks and bursts. If you think you have anything like that in there, it would be best to get it cleaned out.

Also, many tourists and some residents here in Lee County and around Southwestern Florida use sunscreen with micro-beads. We cannot stress enough how much trouble these are for your plumbing system, not to mention your local environment in general.

Since Lee County Plumbing & Well Service has been serving Lee, Hendry, Charlotte and Collier counties here in Florida (our full-service plumbing contractor company was founded in 2000) we’ve been called for many dire emergency plumbing situations where a little minor maintenance would have prevented a lot of major replacements. Cleaning your plumbing system’s drains is always Recommendation No. 1.

We perform a lot of re-pipe work here in Southwest Florida, sometimes for those older homes around Fort Myers, sometimes for fairly new construction in Cape Coral, sometimes for commercial tourist spots out on Pine and Sanibel. A lot of that repiping wouldn’t be necessary with a plumbing pro on a regular maintenance schedule.

A little prevention goes a long way, and the best way for great money-saving preventive maintenance is to call us, Lee County Plumbing & Well Service anywhere in Southwest Florida. Let us take care of the little things like regular drain cleaning maintenance, so it’s less likely we’ll need to talk about big things like re-piping and replacements.

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