Well Pump in Cape Coral, FL

Extending The Life of Your Well Pump in Cape Coral, FL

February 24, 2023

It might be a nightmare to replace your well pump since a new system can be pricey. Because of this, you need your pump to last as long as feasible. Fortunately, we’ll provide some maintenance tips to help you ensure that your Cape Coral, FL, well pump will last longer before needing replacement.

Schedule a Maintenance Visit

Hiring a professional to inspect your pump once per year is the best method to extend its longevity. During the maintenance visit, a technician will verify that everything is functioning properly and spot any issues before they become serious. They also perform a bacteria test to ensure drinking water is clean.

Change The Check Valve

When your pump is not operating, the check valve stops water from recirculating through the pipe. That water may harm the pump and cause pressure loss if the check valve isn’t present.

Although most pumps include built-in check valves, they are often composed of cheap plastic prone to breaking. Replacing this valve with a brass one will prevent breakage.

Make Early Repairs

One of the worst errors is to ignore a malfunctioning well pump. A few things to watch out for are low water pressure, quick clicking noises, spitting faucets, and excessive energy costs.

Add a Float Switch

Insufficient water levels cause major issues for your deep well pump. If the pump keeps running without water, the motor may burn up soon.

This requires costly repairs or the installation of a brand-new pump. Getting an expert to add a floating switch that senses reduced water levels and immediately turns off the pump is the greatest defense against this problem.

Taking good care of your well pump will help it last longer. You can also count on our certified technicians for reliable plumbing, water treatment, and water heater services. Contact Lee County Plumbing & Well Service for your Cape Coral, FL, well pump repair and installation needs.

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