water hammer in Lehigh Acres, FL

3 Dangers of Water Hammer in Lehigh Acres, FL

February 25, 2022

Water hammer is a hammer-like sound or loud bang you hear when turning your water faucet off or on. It can cause severe damage to the water circulation and piping system in Lehigh Acres, FL. Read on to learn about the dangers of water hammers during fall.

1. Flow and Pump System Damage

Water hammer occurs when water in your plumbing system increases its pressure or changes direction leading to pipe hydraulic shock. The shock makes the pipes vibrate and bang each other, causing knocking sounds.

When a water hammer happens, the piping system may experience an abrupt pressure change. Its effect can severely jar equipment, housing machinery, and piping, leading to junctions and valve damage.

2. Ruptured Pipes

Your home plumbing system and well service should operate inaudibly. If a loud bang comes out when closing your water faucet, it indicates you may have a water hammer, which is a plumbing problem.

When the pipes vibrate and bang each other, the joints and connection of your pipes loosen up and can fail. When the connections of your pipes aren’t secure anymore, water begins seeping from this connection area.

You may not notice the leaking water inside the walls until the water starts leaking into your interior space and instigating broad damage. The solution to this is getting plumbing services from a professional plumber.

3. Dangerous Accidents

When the valve gets damaged, a large amount of hot condensate or steam begins to blow out and may cause a fatal accident. In some cases, a hot water hammer may result in death.

Pipe rapture may endanger your household’s safety and health. Depending on its severity, unattended leaks increase the chances of electrocution and falls.

Water hammer severely damages your plumbing system. You may incur costly expenses fixing it if it is severely damaged. If you reside in Lehigh Acres, FL, contact us at Lee County Plumbing & Well Service to schedule your plumbing system repair and maintenance service.

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