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5 Things You Should Never Put Down the Drain in Fort Myers, FL

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Many people put things down the drain that should never go there. This can result in blockages, which can be a big issue. You can save yourself a headache and a tough-to-reach clog by avoiding putting these items down your drain in Fort Myers, FL.

1. Egg Shells

According to the American Egg Board, the calcium carbonate in eggshells makes them stick together. So, if you put them down the drain, they will form a hard mass that will eventually cause your pipes to become clogged. This could require a plumbing repair in your home.

2. Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are acidic and can corrode metal pipes and fixtures if they sit for long periods in your drainpipes before running water cleans them out of your home’s plumbing system. Coffee grounds can also block your pipes, leading to flooding and water damage. The oils in coffee grounds can also build up your pipes and clog them.

3. Cooking Oil

Cooking oil comprises fats and lipids that are hard to break down by wastewater treatment plants. They won’t dissolve in water, so they build up in your pipes. It also attracts other types of gunk and debris to your pipes, which can cause clogs or overflows.

4. Potato Peels

Potato peels contain starches and sugars that can clog your pipes, cause blockages, and ultimately lead to costly repairs. When you put potato peels down the drain, they can also attract pests like ants or roaches because they are sweet and easy to eat.

5. Flour

Flour breaks down and builds up in your pipes, causing them to clog up with gunk and other debris. When these pipes clog, the water flow is restricted, leading to flooding or damage to your plumbing system. Another problem with putting flour through your pipes is that it will attract bugs and rodents that will nest inside your plumbing system if they find favorable conditions for living there.

If you’re a homeowner in Fort Myers, FL make sure to follow these guidelines; and if you own a business, instruct your employees to follow them. Contact us at Lee Country Plumbing if you need drainage cleaning services.

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