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4 Ways to Prevent Clogged Drains in North Fort Myers, FL

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The problem of blocked drains is quite common for most homeowners in North Fort Myers, FL. Clogged drains are not only annoying but also cause property destruction. Below are the top ways to prevent clogged drains in your home.

Proper Food Disposal

Incorrect disposal of food is among the leading reasons behind recurring clogs. Washing down food scraps down the kitchen drain is immensely harmful.

Some food items, including eggshells, tea leaves, and coffee grains, take longer to disintegrate. Foods rich in fats and oils harden within the sewer lines, restraining drainage.

It’s best if you use a trash can to get rid of food waste. Professional drain cleaning will help to eliminate food buildup within the sewer system.

Install a Drain Hair Catcher

Hair is also a notable culprit when it comes to blocked drains. Hair strands bind with soap, clogging the shower drains.

A drain hair catcher will come in handy to prevent hairballs from going down the shower drains. Alternatively, you could get a mesh screen for your shower drains. It’s best if you brush your hair before getting into the shower.

Flush Only Flushable Objects

Blocked toilets mostly arise from flushing the wrong items. Essentially, the toilet drain can only handle toilet paper and human waste.

Disposing of other items through the toilet clogs the sewer lines. Such commodities include cotton swabs, gauze, tampons, baby wipes, used diapers, and sanitary pads. Water absorption causes these products to expand, consequently blocking the drains.

Most manufacturers provide guidelines for the proper disposal of these commodities. You could consider getting a separate trash bin for getting rid of them.

Call for Immediate Repair

If you’re experiencing recurring clogs, urgent expert assistance is necessary. Immediate inspection and repairs eliminate the clogs before extensive damage occurs. Camera inspection detects underlying tree root infiltration in the drainage system.

Contact Lee County Plumbing & Well Service for exceptional plumbing installation and repair. Let’s help you prevent recurring clogs.

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