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4 Signs You Have a Water Leak in Fort Myers, FL

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The plumping system plays a crucial role in every household in Fort Myers, FL, as it ensures the safe delivery of water. Unfortunately, since it isn’t easily noticeable, you might end up neglecting your system. To escape the frustrations and minimize the damages resulting from water leaks, keep an eye on the following signs.

1. Increased Water Bill

If your water bill hasn’t changed in a while and you start noticing increases for no apparent reason, you may be dealing with a leak. To be certain about the cause, turn off all water points and check whether your meter continues moving.

2. Low Water Pressure

Although clogs in your pipes and faulty valves may be causing the low water pressure in your home, at times, water leaks are to blame. If your toilet seems to be taking longer to refill or the water pressure in your shower is annoyingly low, consider hiring a plumber to inspect your plumbing system for any possible leaks.

3. Damage

A sagging ceiling, damp water spots on the drywall and damp floors are clear signs of a water leak. Ignoring the issue will not only damage your property but also expose your family to health hazards.

The musty smell affects comfort, while the dampness might support the breeding of disease-causing microorganisms. If a plumber doesn’t address the small cracks on time, they might end up getting more prominent. In the end, you’ll end up replacing the enter pipe along with sheetrock and insulation, which can be pretty expensive.

4. Hissing, Whistling or Bubbling Sounds

If you turn off all your faucets, appliances and hoses and can still hear gurgling or banging noises from your pipe, you may be experiencing a leak in your plumbing system. Moreover, if you notice your toilet is constantly refilling, it’s time to call a plumber.

To escape the major costs associated with a leaking plumbing system, it’s vital to ensure that a plumber regularly inspects and maintains your system. Contact us at Lee County Plumbing & Well Service for your plumbing maintenance, repairs and installation needs.

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