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4 Causes of Low Well Pump Pressure in Lehigh Acres, FL

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A drop in well pump pressure can disrupt your whole routine, making it difficult to do even basic tasks like taking a shower or washing dishes in Lehigh Acres, FL. But what causes low well pump pressure in the first place? Here are some potential culprits.

1. Clogged Valves and Pipes

If your well pump pressure is suddenly lower than usual, it could be because something is blocking the flow of water through the valves or pipes. Over time, sediment can build up in these areas, eventually causing a clog. This is especially common if you have an older well system.

2. Clogged Sediment Filters

Most well systems have sediment filters in place to trap small particles before they reach the pump. Over time, these filters trap so much sediment that they become clogged. This makes it hard for water to flow through, which leads to low well pump pressure.

3. Worn Out Pump

Just like any other mechanical device, a well pump will eventually wear out and need replacement. This happens more quickly if the pump isn’t properly maintained. If you notice that your well pump pressure has been slowly declining over time, it’s probably due to a worn-out pump and you need to call a well service company to have it replaced.

4. Incorrectly Sized Pump

If your well pump pressure is too low, it could be because the pump itself is too small for your needs. This is often the case in homes added into the water system over time. As the demand for water increases, the original well pump may no longer meet the demand resulting in low pressure.

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